Monero STLs for 3D Printing.


.ZIP file includes six .STLs, one README.TXT, one .3DS not meant for print, and seven .PNGs as reference. Readme contents listed below.

No Boundary Edges.
No Intersecting Faces.
No Non-Manifold Edges.

Box Dimensions: 6×1.65x.5 inches.
Cylinder Dimensions: 3x3x.5 inches.


Readme Contents:

***These works are Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 Internationally Licensed.***

//No Boundary Edges
//No Intersecting Faces
//No Non-Manifold Edges

-Feel free to edit, manipulate, or change these works. However they are not for commerical use.
-Cylinders scaled to 3x 3x .5 inches. Boxes scaled to 6x 1.65x .5 inches.
-Included images reflect file names.
-If you do not have a 3D Printer you can easily print using . It’s like uber for 3d printing.