So I’m going to make an order. How soon can I expect delivery?

All orders will be shipped with 5 business days of confirmation. If you receive a damaged package or anything goes wrong you can expect a full refund or replacement within a reasonable time-frame as well.


Do you ship outside of the United States?



Can I edit and redistribute this work?

Yes. However the works on this site are Attribution-NonCommerical 4.0 Internationally Licensed. You can alter and do whatever you please but I ask that you do not adjust and re-purpose my work for commercial use.


How did you make these?

The majority of the illustrations in my Zines are done traditionally with brush and ink, scanned at 600dpi, and cleaned up in photoshop. Though the logos were grabbed off the net. The prints were created on Wood Panel or Rives BFK  with traditional mediums and scanned by a large format scanner to create a 300dpi, printable, PNG.


Where can I view more of your artwork?

At my blog or my portfolio.


What font is that?

It’s Sharp Sans made by my friend at Sharp Type.


I thought Wownero was a Monero Fork?

Wownero is a Monero Fork. Originally a meme created on freenode by PhilKode and myself and posted on r/Monero Wownero was taken on by a developer, jwinterm, and is now a legitimate, albeit funny, Monero fork.  If you’re looking for the original meme site it’s preserved here:

If you’re looking for the official Wownero website, run by jwinterm, head over here: